Date of Issue: October 2020 Issue  Category: Reports

"Sanbe Burger" Opens in Shimokitazawa on August 20th

"Sanbe Simple"
The hamburger shop "Sanbei Burger", which was founded in Shimane Prefecture, and has shops in the Mt. Sanbei kitanohara district, which is known as a tourist destination, opened a new shop "Sanbei Burger Tokyo" in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, on August 20th.

The hamburger shop was founded in April, 2004 as a local hamburger shop that is particular about using ingredients from Shimane prefecture. It is gaining popularity not only from locals but also from tourists.

In "Sanbe Burger Tokyo", original sesame buns developed with the image of Mt. Sanbe are used. They are grilled to be filled with sweet flavor. The patty is made all from pork and beef from Shimane prefecture, and is baked over charcoal to bring out the flavor of the meat without using binders. In addition, many kinds of vegetables from Shimane prefecture are used.

The menu includes the simple hamburger "Sanbe Simple", 680 yen excluding tax, that allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they really are, "Wasabi burger", 850 yen excluding tax, topped with wasabi mayonnaise using wasabi from Shimane, pickled in soy sauce, "Bacon burger", 850 yen excluding tax, using bacon made from pork, "KARAI-YATSU", 800 yen excluding tax, containing 5 kinds of ingredients including very hot red peppers.

Inside the shop, a large Shimane sightseeing map and a large blackboard art that depicts Sambe Burger's commitment are prepared.