Date of Issue: April 2021 Issue  Category: Reports

Report on 2021 Mobac Show - My Point of View

Hello, everyone, I am James Odaira talking to you from Tokyo, Japan, and this month, I would like to report on Japan's largest bakery industry exhibition that was held recently in Osaka.

2021 Mobac Show, or the 27th International Bakery and Confectionery Industry Exhibition, hosted by the Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers' Association, was held from March 9th to 12th at the Intex Osaka convention center in Suminoe-ku, Osaka City. There were about 23,500 visitors. The number of exhibitors was 171 and the number of booths used was 1056. The theme of the exhibition was "Evolving technology! Realization of deliciousness ". Mobac Show is held alternately in Tokyo and Osaka once every two years. This was the 27th time for the exhibition to be held.

At the exhibition, manufacturers that manufacture and sell bread and confectionery-related machines and ingredients exhibited their new products and made various proposals.

Kanto Kongoki Industrial Co, Ltd exhibited the first domestically produced spiral mixers for bread dough, "KSP series". The "KSP series" mixers were developed by the company as Japan's first purely domestic spiral mixer. The mixer bowl can be moved up and down, so that the solid mixture will not collapse and the dough can be taken out easily. They are easy to operate with touch panels. And they are easy to clean. They say there are inquiries from bakeries that are particular about making bread dough.For more information, call 81 for Japan, 3-3966-8651.

Kyoritsu Plant Inc. exhibited a quick thawing machine for bread dough, "Shock Melty". Frozen bread dough can be thawed and heated in about half the time of a normal process while maintaining quality, which is useful for improving efficiency in various bakery operations. It is a machine that was developed to realize working efficiency and quality maintenance.Call 81 for Japan, 6-6968-1961 for more information.

Tanico Inc. introduced the newly developed deck oven named "GUT". It achieves a low price with performance comparable to the company's popular oven "Vesta series". The frontage is 1550 mm with the horizontal insert of 4 baking sheets. You can choose the oven suitable for your shop from varieties of 12 models. The lever-type inward opening door does not allow steam to escape, making the oven ideal for the steam control of hard bread. Call 81 for Japan, 3-5498-7968 for further details.

Tsuji Kikai Inc. proposed to quickly freeze freshly fried curry bread using the catchphrase of "hot freezing". The company's quick-freezing blast chiller "Twin Patty" can quickly freeze freshly fried hot curry bread at minus 35 degrees Celsius while maintaining its quality and shape. If you heat this frozen curry bread in the microwave oven for 50 seconds or in a toaster for 1 minute, you can eat freshly fried curry bread at home. If you use a vacuum packaging, you can ship the product in your online shopping business.For further details, you can call 81 for Japan, 49-225-5005.

Next Inc. mainly exhibited the pizza oven "PZT-250DUO". The oven has been upgraded to a more compact shape that is even easier to use, and is equipped with a full-scale stone hearth. By changing the height of the upper and lower baking chambers, it can be used not only for pizza baking but also for grill cooking. In the bakery with cafe space, you can serve authentic Neapolitan pizza in a stylish red-colored oven. Call 81 for Japan, 48-778-2005 for more information.

World Seiki Corporation appealed for the benefits of using gas ovens. The price is higher than that of electric ovens and the initial equipment cost is expensive, but the fuel consumption is much lower, and so the difference in price can be recovered in a very short period of time. The power is stronger than that of an electric oven, and it bakes bread fluffy and voluminous, making it suitable for bakeries. You can call 81 for Japan, 942-65-1120 for more details.

At the 2021 Mobac Show, various events were held to add glamor to the exhibition. At the final selection round of the Japanese national team players for the World Bread Championship, scheduled to be held in 2022 in France, a total of 16 finalists, 6 in the bread category, 6 in the pastry category, and 4 in the decorative bread category, competed for the position of the national team players. As a result of strict examination, the Japanese national team players were decided to be Mr. Tomohiro Goda in the bread category, Mr. Keisuke Hotta in the pastry category, and Mr.Seigo Umetani in the decorative bread category. Mr. Goda is from Donq, a Japanese artisan bakery chain, and Mr.Hotta is from Andersen, a famous Japanese bakery chain, and Mr.Umetani is from Kobeya Restaurant, a famous Japanese bakery restaurant chain,

Mr. Takeshi Yamamoto, director of the Education Department of Japan Institute of Baking, who served as a judge, said, "We started calling for participants in April 2020 and received 60 applications. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the first screening was conducted in August and December. In the second screening, 16 finalists were selected. They were all talented people. 3 national team players were selected based on a comprehensive judgment of working, technical ability, hygiene management, etc. "